All our spices are sourced in a sustainable way in Indonesia, from various locations the spices will be transported in the most efficient way to our headquarter and processing site in Surabaya, East Java

Our factory is equipped with a laboratory and the newest machineries to process the spices.

Front view and 2nd floor for the Management Office

Pantry rooms are provided outside the warehouse and production areas for employee dining areas
Sanitation room for employee workers in the Production Area. In the process of entering these
employees must do sanitation for work clothes and wash the hands of workers

The dark room that as dryer using heat exchanger and also UV selection
Conveyor line for raw material sortation & hand picking selection
Separated transfer area for each production process, in accordance with FSSC regulation
Steam sterilization area  will install on  2021, will be equipped with European steam sterilizer unit
This area will be used for metal detector equipment
to final check our products
Filling & packing process area

We are preparing microbiology laboratory and chemistrty laboratory

TSI have Designated container for raw material treatment and efficient racking system for our warehouse as well

Yellow Curtain provided as a barrier between the sorting process area and the raw material preparation area in the dirty area.